The 50 Best Gifts for Drummers [2022] – Drum gifts they will love and use

If you have a drummer in your life and you’re wanting to buy them a gift, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are wanting something practical that they can use in their drumming career or a little present that is more novelty and fun, there is something for everyone.

With options for both acoustic and electronic drummers in this list, we’ve gathered the top 50 gift ideas for drum gifts that you should consider purchasing for drummers. We have ideas ranging from as cheap as under $10 all the way to high budget items such as an electric drum kit. Don't worry, whatever awesome gift you buy for your favorite drummer, they will surely put it to good use.

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50 Best Gifts for Drummers

Here are the top 50 best gifts for drummers:

1. Gibraltar SC-4248 Speed Key

An excellent gift for those on a budget, the Gibraltar SC-4248 Speed Key is a drum key that helps to change drum heads and adjust hardware on acoustic sets. This is an essential piece of equipment for those who play on acoustic drum sets.

What makes a speed key brilliant over your average drum key is that they work at a faster pace so if you’re playing in a concert, you can swap the heads in an emergency quickly with no fuss

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2. Vater VSTBK Stick & Finger Tape

This may seem like an odd choice but tape is a great way to prevent the drummer from losing their drumsticks as they play.

If the drummer in your life struggles to keep hold of their drumsticks then this finger tape is ideal as they can prevent any injuries or damage to equipment. Vater is one of the most popular brands professional drummers use for finger tape. 

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3. Drummer t-shirt

T-shirts are the uniform of the gigging drummer. Comfortable and light, a drummer can never have too many t-shirts as they will be going through them ridiculously fast due to the amount of sweat that appears during gigs.

Fun slogan t-shirts can allow their personality to come through and gives them a chance to express themselves through their wardrobe while expressing through music. You can also buy a T-shirt with their favorite band or favorite drummer; there are many ideas here!  It is a great gift for drummers if you are not sure what equipment and accessories they already have.

4. Cymbal Sizzler

Cymbal sizzlers are great as they can help a drummer's cymbals to produce a different range of sounds such as rides and crashes.

Sustained sizzle sounds are great for added drama in a song and they can be added and removed from the cymbal with ease, especially during gigs so they are often seen as an essential to any drummer’s repertoire.

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5. Desk Drums

For the drummer who has that 9-5 office job, desk drums are a fun way to incorporate practice with the everyday routine. If you invest in the right set of desk drums, the sound can be pretty close to acoustic drums as well.

It’s also a great gift if the drummer in your life works with someone they dislike as they can annoy them to no end with their drumming.

6. Earplugs for Musicians

Often discarded by musicians who think it is “uncool”, earplugs are essential to protecting the drummer’s ears, especially during gigs. Earplugs are cheap and often come in bulk sets so you can never run out of them.

Musician earplugs are better quality than cheap foam earplugs as they can remove the dangerous frequencies while playing as well as preserving the sound through various filters. This is one of the most practical gifts for drummers and they will be thanking you for protecting their ears.

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7. Pyle Portable Drums

For the touring drummer who wants a set of portable drums, the Pyle Portable Drums are versatile and can help you to come up with new beats whilst on the go. This particular model has a large range of drum sounds, in fact, it has over 200 percussion voices and 120 GM voices!

Whether you want to set it up with your current drum kit or play them by themselves, this is a great asset to have whether the drummer in your life plays rock, pop or electronic music.

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8.Drum Stick Holder

Drum stick holders are great as they can prevent the drummer from losing their drumsticks during a performance. It is often a piece of equipment that is forgotten but can make the world of difference when it comes to touring.

There are a lot of drum stick holders available on the market to suit all budgets making it an incredibly practical and accessible gift.

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9. Online tuition

For the beginner drummer, online lessons can be a great investment as it will provide that one to one practice as well as teaching them the basics of drumming to ensure that they are using the equipment properly whilst developing their style of music.

Online lessons are fantastic for those who don’t live near a drumming teacher and can be accessed whenever is convenient. If you know who is their favorite drummer, try and find out if they offer any private lessons. Being taught by someone you look up to is one of the ultimate drummer gifts for any beginner drummer.

10. Gibraltar SC-RK Ratchet Drum Key

The Gibraltar SC-RK Ratchet Drum Key is one of the most popular drum keys among professional drummers as it allows for quick adjustments during gigs.

For drum keys that are difficult to access, this key comes in handy and is cheap for those on a budget but will make all the difference to the overall sound.

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11. Cymbal Polish

It’s no secret that drummers take pride in their cymbals and make sure that they are in the best condition when they are in use and not in use.

Therefore, for those who are unsure what to give the drummer in their life, cymbal polish is a fantastic choice as it means that they can ensure that their cymbals are going to look shiny and flawless for those important performances.

12. Light Up Drumsticks

Sometimes drummers like to incorporate equipment that helps them to stand out from the crowd, especially if they play pop and electronic music.

Light up drumsticks are a great way to help them do so, especially if they are performing at festivals as light up drumsticks contain LED lights that fade between colors which is a cool gift for drummers who love bright colors and want to stand out.

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13. Drum Throne

Drum thrones may sound dramatic but they are super important for the gigging drummer as they will help to maintain their posture and reduce the chances of arthritis or back damage in the future. It is the perfect drum gift that also focuses on the drummer's health.

For drummers who don’t care about their health, they could be risking early drumming retirement if they don’t have an appropriate drum throne. They can be costly but they are a great investment for all drummers to have from the offset of their drumming career. 

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14. In-ear monitors

Another great form of ear protection during performances are in-ear monitors which are increasing in their popularity as they can help the drummer maintain their rhythm thanks to the metronome clicks.

They also reduce the volume to a manageable amount so you are preserving your hearing without exposing it to any damage. 

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15. Zildjian Drummer Survival Kit

Zildjian’s Drummer's Survival Kit is a cheap and practical gift that provides drummers with essentials such as cymbal washers and felts so you have everything you need to maintain your drum kit during gigs should you need them.

A handy gift to give to the touring drummer who is prone to misplacing the smaller items needed to maintain their drumming kit.

16. Drum Mutes for Acoustic Drums

For the acoustic drummer, drum mutes are a great way to reduce the volume with options to purchase drum mutes for your cymbals as well.

This is ideal for those who practice in their garage with their loud drum kit and want to limit the noise for housemates and neighbors as well as protecting the drummer’s ears.

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17. Remo Drum & Percussion Accessories

If you’re wanting to purchase something that prevents any overtones from drums then consider Remo’s Drum & Percussion Accessories which allows you to place the ring above the drum skin and allows you to get the right sound for recording sessions and gigs.

This is especially ideal to use on snare drums as you can place it above the snare drum head.

18. Remo Ambassador Clear Tom Drumhead Pack

The Remo Ambassador Clear Tom Drumhead Pack can make a huge difference to a drum’s sound. If the drummer owns a cheaper set then this drumhead pack can make the sound clear and professional. There are also different packs which produce a variety of sounds which can help a drummer use same drum set for a different style of music.

19. Double bass drum pedal

Does the drummer in your life play metal and hard rock? A double bass drum pedal is fantastic for those who want to play deeper and faster sounds with no problems. As the name suggests, the double bass drum pedal has two bass drum beaters in close proximity. A drummer can rapidly play bass drum sounds by using both feet.

Because of the amount of power double bass drum pedals provide, you don’t have to hit it as hard as a regular pedal so you’re reducing the amount of pain your foot is going through as well as allowing yourself to become more comfortable whilst playing.

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20. Roland OCTAPAD SPD-30 Digital Percussion Pad

The Roland OCTAPAD SPD-30 Digital Percussion Pad is one of the most popular percussion pads that is a great for those who play on electronic drum kits. This electronic drum pad can be used to complement an electric drum kit or can be played independently. You can program different sounds for each pad which can really add an additional variety of sounds accessible to a drummer when playing with both an electronic drum pad and an electronic drum set.

The great thing about amazing drum gift is that it opens a pathway for upgrades down the track (these are future ideas for drum gifts) as normally this percussion pad is then paired with a bass drum pad, high hat control and headphones. It is almost like a mini electronic drum kit.

It is very easy to connect to an amplifier and ready to play once you turn it on. Drummers can also connect their headphones through the headphone jack at the back of the device. This can allow them to focus on the sound without disturbing anyone else. The same aux ports used to connect to an amplifier or Mac or PC can be used to also plug and play music from phones and other devices as well.

21. Cajon

For those who want to purchase a smaller drum to reduce the amount of space that an acoustic drum kit takes up, a Cajon is a fantastic option to consider.

Known for their bass and snare sounds, Cajons are often used by street performers as well as stripped down band performances. While it might be a different style of music, learning how to play one of these will open many doors as well as enhancing your skill set.

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22. CruzTools Drum Key

For those who are on a smaller budget but still want to buy something that is practical and will be used a lot then the CruzTools Drum Key is one of the best options for you to consider. This multi tool works on a range of equipment and brands and includes everything that drummers will need in order to set up and tune their kit.

An essential part of any drummer’s equipment whether they are a beginner or a touring professional. Tuning drums is usually part of a drummer's routine, especially before a gig or performance. Drum keys are important as they make the difference between a great sounding kit and drums that are out of tune and inconsistent in sound.

23. Bongo Drums

Bongo drums are a great drum for those who want to play Afro-Cuban style of music as well as jazz and salsa. There are many skills you can learn from the bongos that you can’t get with acoustic or electronic drum kits that you can transfer over.

Accessible for all ages, the bongos are a great introduction to drumming for those who cannot afford an acoustic drum kit or an electronic drum kit.

24. Djembe

For drummers who want to learn a new set of drums, the djembe is a great idea to consider. Whether the drummer in your life wants to play high or low notes, the djembe is a fantastic drum that is often played in drum circles and can be a new experience for drummers. 

25. Drum cases

An essential part of any drummer’s equipment is the drum case. This is particularly necessary for drummers who tour a lot and need to travel with their kit.

Try to get a hardware case to ensure that the kit is fully protected and safe from any impact as the money it takes to repair drums can be extremely expensive. Investing in a quality drum case will ensure that the drums will always be in the best condition. 

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26. Weighted pillow for their bass drum

Bass drums can sometimes be hard to control when it comes to their sound. Weighted pillows are a great way to improve the bass drum sound and can be placed inside the bass drum and help to create a more defined sound as well as assuring that the drum stays in place while you are playing. 

27. Korg MA1BL Visual Beat Counting Metronome

The drummer’s job in a band is to maintain the rhythm of the songs and keep in time. For drummers that struggle with their tempo, a metronome is the perfect gift as it will help them to practice keeping in beat.

It’s well worth investing in a metronome that has longevity and the Korg MA1BL Visual Beat Counting Metronome is perfect as it is one of the best on the market. 

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28. Roll Up Drum Kit

Roll up drum kits are great thanks to their portability and compact designs. Perfect for those who may not have a lot of space or travel a lot, roll up drum kits are fantastic as they contain everything you need to practice your skills.

Depending on what brand you choose, you can even buy kits that include speakers. 

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29. Drumstick Bags

Drumstick bags are fantastic as you can keep your drumsticks safe while you are travelling. If you are buying a gift for a drummer who has a tendency to lose their drumsticks and other smaller pieces of equipment then a drumstick bag is the perfect gift to purchase.

Not only will it keep all of their drumsticks safe but it will also make it a lot easier to travel as you can easily carry it rather than stuffing drumsticks into suitcases.

30. Professional Cymbal Set

Cymbals are a huge part of a drummer’s kit and it’s so important to make sure that the cymbals are cared for and kept in top conditions. A lot of drum kits will come with cymbals but these are usually cheaper models that may not produce the best sound. Having quality cymbals will make a day and night difference between the sounds that are produced. This is definitely an incredible gift for any drummer.

Therefore, if you have the money to splurge then purchasing a professional cymbal set for your favorite drummer in your life is going to make them extremely happy. Another quality cymbal brand is Zildjian Cymbals, there are a lot to choose from!

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31. Personalized Custom Drumsticks

Customized drumsticks are a great way to give the drummer in your life something more personal.

Personalized drumsticks are ideal gifts for your partner as well as drummers who have a tendency to lose their drumsticks as it will give them incentive to take better care of their drumsticks.

Whether you choose to customize the drumsticks with their name or perhaps a quote that means a lot to them, they are a lovely way to show the drummer in your life that you care. 

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32. Towel

Drumming can cause a lot of sweating during gifts so the touring drummers in your life will be eternally grateful if you give them a towel that they can take to gigs with them. You could even get one made with their band’s logo on it to make it even more special.

The towel will have to be small enough for them to carry and place behind them while big enough to reach around their neck and top of the back. 

33. DrumDial Precision Drum Tuner

If you’re looking for something that can help a drummer tune their instrument better, then the DrumDial Precision Drum Tuner is perfect as it can help tune the drums perfectly and quickly.

It’s important to have a well tuned drum as if the drum is out of tune then the sound is going to be inconsistent as well as cause some bad ringing and overtones that can damage hearing quickly.

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34. Makanu Damper Gel

Makanu Damper Gel pads are a great choice for acoustic drummers as they can help muffle the sound on the drums as well as assisting with tuning drums.

Synthesized using non-toxic materials, these damper gel pads are extremely popular with drummers of all levels and can be used for both live and studio performances. Once drummers use them for the first time, they become an essential part of their equipment quickly.

35. Electronic Drum Set

For the acoustic drummer who wants to try something new, an electronic drum set is a great affordable option that can give them a chance to practice wherever.

An electronic drum kit, while a bit pricier, is great for a wider variety of music such as pop and electronic as well as giving drummers the opportunity to experiment with a different sound for a different styles of music.

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36. Non Slip Drum Mat

Non slip drum mats are great for drummers who complain about their drums moving while they play. They can also prevent any damage from the drum kit moving along the floor and scratching the surface.

Non slip drum mats provide a lot more grip for your drum kit and allow you to have more control while you’re playing. 

37. Practice Pad

Practice pads are great for drummers of all levels because they can help them to practice and improve their skills quietly wherever they are.

Portable and easy to use, they can help to enhance any drummer’s technique and speed wherever they are. Long lasting and reliable, practice pads are great value for those on a budget and make for fantastic gifts whatever the occasion.

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38. Aerodrums

Aerodrums are virtual drum kits that use camera and sensor technology which is great for drummer’s who may not have the space for a full kit in their house. Perfect for those who are always travelling but want to carry on practicing their drumming.

This is ideal if you have a kid who wants to learn drumming but you’re unsure if they will commit as you don’t have to spend the time and effort setting up the kit. Have fun watching them as they play you an air drum song!

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39. Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones

If you’re looking for a pair of headphones that is going to help enhance your recipient's electronic drumming experience then these Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones are among the best on the market.

Perfect for those who want to protect their ears whilst they practice, these headphones are long lasting and are made with the most advanced technology.

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40. Shoes

One aspect of apparel that is often overlooked when it comes to drumming are the shoes.

Making sure drummers have suitable shoes is incredibly important, especially if they are playing longer gigs as you need to make sure that they are thick as this will prevent any pain when you are playing. 

Minimal shoes with a simple design are always great as they won’t get in the way and will be more comfortable.

41. Senstroke

Senstroke’s Bluetooth sensors connect to your drumsticks and feet and allow you to experiment with drum beats wherever you are so you can practice all the time.

One of the most technologically advanced products on our list, this is perfect for the tech savvy drummer in your life who wants to create their own sound. Senstroke is one of the best brands on the market for the latest drumming technology and is a fantastic choice.

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42. Drum Hardware Bag

If you have a drummer in your life who has to travel around whether it is on tour or taking their drums to practice, you’ve probably heard from them how awkward drums are to carry around.

Drums are made up of a lot of equipment and pieces so purchasing a hardware bag that allows you to get from A to B with ease. This hardware bag is fantastic as it allows you to fit everything you need in and keeps your drums safe and secure. 

43. Drummer Coffee Mug

A great novelty gift is a mug. For those who have a smaller budget, a coffee mug is a great gift to give drummers who are always on the go.

Whether they take it on tour or need the motivation as they come up with new music, you can’t have enough mugs and it’s a great way to show that you care about their music. 

44. Korg nanoPAD2

For drummers who like to produce their music on the computer, the Korg nanoPAD2 is a fantastic controller that can help them do so. Compatible with the majority of computers including Mac, Windows and Linux, there is so much that drummers can do to experiment with their sound.

Whether you want to improvise new beats or input a beat that you have rehearsed, this controller is designed to help drummers expand their skill set and allow them to develop as musicians and practice with more styles of music.

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45. Vic Firth Drummer's Gloves

For drummers that get blisters when they play, especially if they are a heavy metal drummer, a pair of drummer’s gloves can be helpful as it will help to reduce blisters and allow for longer playing time with no pain.

Vic Firth Drummer’s Gloves are great as they provide extra grip as well so you can have more control in your playing.

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46. Bass Guitar

This may seem like an odd gift for a drummer but purchasing a bass guitar can help beginner drummers with their rhythm as they are an easy instrument to learn and often, along with the drums, help to form the main beat and rhythm in songs.

Therefore, for drummers who want to develop their own style, it can be helpful if they learn how to play bass guitar because it can help them to find their unique sound.

47. Cymbal Bag

Drum cases may seem like they can package everything, however, cymbals require a bag of their own as this protects the cymbals and ensures that they stay in top condition.

Drummers are known for their high maintenance when it comes to the care of their cymbals so investing in a cymbal bag is going to help them keep them in top condition. 

48. Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 14x5.5 Snare Drum

Snare drums are a great asset to any drum kit and this Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 14x5.5 Snare Drum is one of the best on the market.

Yamaha is one of the best known musical instrument brands in the entire world and this snare drum is a fantastic choice for those who have a bigger budget for their gift.

Some drum kits come with a snare drum but generally if it is a cheap drum kit, they will not have the same quality. So for drummers who want a snare drum that produces the best sound, this is a great option to consider.

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49. Shure Drum Microphone Kit

This Shure Drum Microphone Kit is great as it can help to amplify the sound of drums if you are recording. 

As one of the best microphone brands, Shure is used by professionals and is a fantastic choice for those who are starting out or at an intermediate level in their drumming. This is sure to be a hit with drummers.

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50. Cymbal Stand

Lastly, purchasing an alternative cymbal stand is essential for those who are playing in concerts. Drum kits come with a couple of cymbal stands but it’s important to have more in case you play with lots of cymbals.

It’s always handy to have extra equipment on hand anyway in case something breaks and you need to replace it quickly. 


As you can see, there are plenty of gifts for drummers which suits a range of budgets.

Whether you want to buy them a new set of drumsticks or get them something cute like a mug or t-shirt, there are endless possibilities and these 50 suggestions just scratch the surface.

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