Hi there, my name is Mal and I am the brains behind Creative Music Studio. My love of music, especially drumming was instilled in me at a young age thanks to coming from a very musical family. I am one of 4 children and each of us played an instrument. Drums were the instrument I chose and I have played since I was about 4 years old. When I am behind my drum set, whether on stage in front of a crowd or in my studio alone, the feeling I get is indescribable. It brings me so much joy and all I have ever wanted to do is share that joy with others. 

I have always wanted to find a way to spread my love of drumming and help other drummers, old or young, beginners or experienced, with anything that they need. The idea for a website dedicated solely to music and drumming is something that I have been playing with for many years. I come from an age where the internet just wasn’t a thing, and the only way I could learn about drumming was through my musical family or the music shop that was a few towns away. Whenever I wanted a new piece of equipment, I would have to drive out of town just to enquire. 

These days you can just load up your computer or phone and get an answer in seconds. However, even now I find it difficult to find exactly what I need. That is where this website comes in. I want to use my virtual space to help other drummers like myself find the very best equipment, be that a full drum kit or simply some mics or pedals. I also wanted to provide information and knowledge on the topic of drumming such as learning how to drum and exploring second-hand drum kits. So, whatever your drumming needs, I hope my website can solve them. Rock on!