Gilbert (Gilly)

Hi! My name is Gilbert (Gilly) and I’ve been playing music for as long as I can remember. My primary love is the drums, but I actually started off my music career in the world of woodwind instruments, the flute. It was after many years of being a professional flutist I decided to do something entirely different and picked up drumming and percussion.

I absolutely loved it! I started off with a Roland Electric Drum Kit (a TD-07KV to be exact) and played it day and night until it broke. My family would constantly complain about the noise that I would make (to be fair, I was playing late into the night). However, as I learnt more and more, I realized I had to finally upgrade to an acoustic drum kit.

Working with a local studio producer, it allowed me be exposed more to the professional side of drumming whether that is live performances and gigs, studio recordings or just honing my skills. I love playing the drums so much that I doubled down on my education and learnings. This led to me completing a Bachelor Degree in Music and a Bachelor Degree in Education and Arts.

Today, I do a variety of professional drumming jobs ranging from studio recordings, drum tuition, live performances, teaching and my latest project is partnering with Creative Music Foundation to share my love for music and drums with others.

There are three passions in my life: music, teaching and performance. I hope that through this website, I can help inspire musicians from all around the world to further their skills and also help simplify the amount of information there is available. Learning any music instrument has its ups and downs. Getting exposure and moving professionally into music is even more challenging! I hope to be able to share these experiences with our readers here. Enjoy!

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Hi there, my name is Mal and I am the brains behind Creative Music Studio. My love of music, especially drumming was instilled in me at a young age thanks to coming from a very musical family. I am one of 4 children and each of us played an instrument. Drums were the instrument I chose and I have played since I was about 4 years old. When I am behind my drum set, whether on stage in front of a crowd or in my studio alone, the feeling I get is indescribable. It brings me so much joy and all I have ever wanted to do is share that joy with others.

I have always wanted to find a way to spread my love of drumming and help other drummers, old or young, beginners or experienced, with anything that they need. The idea for a website dedicated solely to music and drumming is something that I have been playing with for many years. I come from an age where the internet just wasn’t a thing, and the only way I could learn about drumming was through my musical family or the music shop that was a few towns away. Whenever I wanted a new piece of equipment, I would have to drive out of town just to enquire.

These days you can just load up your computer or phone and get an answer in seconds. However, even now I find it difficult to find exactly what I need. That is where this website comes in. I want to use my virtual space to help other drummers like myself find the very best equipment, be that a full drum kit or simply some mics or pedals. I also want to provide information and knowledge on the topic of drumming such as learning how to drum and exploring second-hand drum kits. So, whatever your drumming needs, I hope my website can solve them.