5 Best Drum Rugs

If you play drums, you’ll know that having the right gear can completely affect the overall performance. And the thing is, one of the most forgotten pieces of gear when it comes to drumming, is the drum rug. In fact, most people aren’t even aware that drummers need a rug underneath their drum set up!

Having a rug is vital for keeping the entire set up stable and in place so that the drums aren’t slipping or moving about as you hit them. And it might not seem super important, but having your drumset slide away even a few inches, can seriously unsettle your entire performance and throw you off.

Besides, a rug will keep the floor protected from the drumset, and it can also add to the overall look and aesthetic. Most any rug will do, but the better the rug, the better the setup of your drums will be, so it’s good to aim for the best possible drum rug!

Product Reviews:

There are rugs specifically designed for being under a drumset, and amongst them, some are better than others. If it’s your first time buying a drum rug, you might feel slightly overwhelmed by the number of options.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are the 5 best drum rugs available in the market: 


On-Stage DMA4450 DrumFire Non Slip Drum Mat with Bag, 4' x 4'

The OnStage DrumFire Non Slip Drum Mat is a pretty simple drum rug in its design, but incredibly efficient and practical.

It’s highly reliable and is a top selling product backed by many satisfied customers. It comes available in two different sizes: 4x4 and 4x6, with enough space to accommodate your bass drum, and a few drum stands.

It has been designed to be lightweight and convenient to transport from place to place, made from a highly durable non-slip PVC material. It also lays completely flat, with no curled edges that might get caught or in the way.

It also features two velcro straps that keep it secured when rolled up, plus the product comes with a nylon carry bag with a shoulder strap. This way you can easily transport it, and store it away when not in use. As for its appearance, it is completely black with a few bright green accents on the corner edges.


  • Available in 2 sizes: 4x4 or 6x4, with enough room for your bass drum and drum stands
  • Lightweight, compact and transportable: with velcro straps to secure it when rolled up, and a carry bag for transportation 
  • Made from non-slip PVC material: highly durable, ideal for keeping your drumset in place 
  • Lays flat, no curled edges: can be set up within seconds, and it stays completely flat and smooth


  • It might begin to tear over time and use 


Aucuda Drum Rug, 6x6.6 ft Drum Mat, Electrical Drum Carpet, Tightly Woven Fabric Music Rug with Non-Slip Grip Bottom, Soundproof Rug Pads Drum Accessories for Drum Set, Great Gift for Drummers

Aucuda is a well-known brand in the world of drum rugs, so it’s no wonder their products are so popular amongst drummers of all ages and levels. This Aucuda Tightly Woven Drum Rug is available in three different colors: plain black, a starry sky blue pattern, and a starry sky red pattern.

This drum rug offers plenty of space, with 6x6.6 feet of space, which is perfect for the larger drum setups. It is made from a thick and tightly woven fabric, which absorbs sound and protects both the floor and the drumset from any damage. It also has a rubber non-slip backing to keep the drumset in place when positioned on hard surfaces.

The drum rug also features a velcro strap, so that it can be secured in place when rolled up, making it easier to carry around or store away. It is also very easy to clean and maintain, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally spilling a drink on it while drumming!


  • Large 6x6.6 ft size: ideal for the bigger drum setups 
  • Made from thick and tightly woven fabric: sound-absorbent, soft, and acts as a protection layer 
  • Rubber non-slip backing: prevents any slippage whatsoever, stays firmly in place 
  • Velcro strap: easy to roll up for transportation and storage purposes


  • No significant downsides 


Aucuda Drum Rug, 4x6ft Drum Mat, Tightly Woven Fabric Drum Set Carpet with Non-Slip Grip Bottom, Electric Drum Accessories for Studio, Soundproof Rug for Piano, Guitar, Record, Drummer Gift for Men.

Another great product option, also by the Aucuda brand, is the non slip drum rug, very similar to the previous one. It comes available in two different patterns: plain black with a blue border, and a starry sky blue pattern. The size is 5.9 x 3.9 feet, which is big enough for most average drum setups to fit comfortably.

This drum rug is made from a thick and tightly woven fabric, which lets the stands of the drum setup dig in for the maximum stability possible. It also acts as sound-absorbent material, and the thickness of the fabric protects both the floor and the drumset from any damage.

It also has the rubber non-slip backing, to ensure there is no slipping whatsoever, which is designed to be very high-quality. The rug comes with a velcro strap attached, which secures it in place when rolled up to be transported or stored away.

All in all, it does the job wonderfully and your drumset will stay in place throughout your entire performance or practice session!


  • Made from tightly woven fabric: provides enhances stability, as well as absorbing sound and protecting the setup and floor from damage 
  • Rubber non-slip backing: prevents slipping of any sort 
  • Velcro strap attached: easy to transport and store away 
  • Average size: big enough for a standard bass drum and a few stands


  • The edges are prone to unraveling over time 


Kaces Crash Pad Drum Rug w/Carry Bag (KCP5)

Another amazing drum rug product option that we highly recommend, is the Kaces Crash Drum Rug With Bag, which is popular amongst many customers, and for good reason. Available in a plain black color, it’s the perfect addition to your setup to ensure everything remains in place.

It is made from a heavy-duty black polypropylene fabric, which provides a highly sturdy anchoring for the stands and spurs of your drumset. It also has an additional wood barrier, which is located at the edge and helps further keep the bass drum in place. Plus, the non-skid rubber trim prevents the rug from moving at all and stops all types of slippage.

The product also includes a nylon carry bag, which helps make the transportation of the rug a lot easier. It’s also a good size to ensure your setup fits comfortably, with nothing left out of its space!


  • Made from heavy-duty polypropylene: provides a sturdy anchoring so that everything stays stable 
  • Additional wood barrier: to 100% guarantee your bass drum stays in place 
  • Non-skid rubber trim: prevents slipping and creeping up of the edges 
  • Comes with a nylon carry bag: convenient and comfortable to carry around


  • Some customers find this rug to be far too thin 


Ludwig Script Logo Non-Slip Drum Rug Mat, Black

Last but not least on our list of top picks, we have the Ludwig Script Logo Drum Rug, which is highly acclaimed in the drumming world and is very popular amongst its many satisfied customers. It comes available in black, with a keystone design and the famous Ludwig script logo on top.

With a 63 x 78 inches size, it is big enough to accommodate a standard drum setup, keeping everything stable and in place, so that you can get through your performance or practice session without having to worry about anything moving.

The non-slip rubber backing prevents any sort of slippage, and a velcro strap enables you to roll the drum rug up, for easy transportation and storage. All in all, it’s a simple and practical design, reliable and effective, and therefore loved by drummers of all ages and skills!


  • Comfortable size: perfect for a standard drum setup, keeps everything stable 
  • Non-slip rubber backing: prevents slippage so everything stays in place
  • Appealing design: a plain black color featuring the Ludwig script logo 
  • Velcro strap attached: can be rolled up and secured for easy transportation and storage


  • No significant downsides 

What should you look out for in drum rugs? A Buyer's Guide

Drum rugs, although often forgotten, are an important part of a drummer’s setup. Without the rug, you run the risk of your drumset slipping or moving as you perform, which can seriously affect your performance in a negative way.

So as long as you’re on a hardwood floor, you’re going to need a good drum rug to get you through the drumming. 

There are a few obvious traits that drum rugs need to have, such as the non-slip. But that’s not the only thing that makes a drum rug good, there are plenty of other features and factors to look out for to ensure you’re getting the best possible product.

So...what exactly should you look out for? Don’t worry, we’ve broken down the main few factors that you should take into consideration when choosing your drum rug. Here are the basics:


Drum rugs come in all sorts of different sizes, so it’s important that you get the right size for your setup.

You should have enough space to comfortably set up everything without having to puzzle it in. However, a drum rug that is too big might begin to get in the way or take up too much space in the area where you are playing.


Just like size, drum rugs can have different levels of thickness. Thicker rugs aren’t necessarily better than thinner ones, as it essentially comes down to your personal preference.

However, thicker rugs tend to have extra features such as sound absorbency, and they also do a better job of protecting both the floor and the drumset from damage.


The material that the rug is made out of doesn’t really matter, as it’s the non-slip backing that does the actual job. So you can choose whichever material suits your preference and needs better.

What actually matters, however, is that the material is strong and durable, so that it can withstand regular use. You should also check that the edges aren’t prone to coming apart or tearing, which is a common problem in rugs!

Non-slip Backing:

This is one of the most important features of a drum rug. The non-slip backing is what stops the slipping, and it’s what will keep your drum setup stable and in place.

They will almost always be made out of rubber, but they can vary.


Most drum rugs are plain black, as this is the preferred color for drummers in general. That is because it makes for a subtle floor to the drumset, and it doesn’t detract from the actual drums on stage.

However, you can get drum rugs of every color and style, and you could even get a customized one with a personalized logo or image. Get as creative as you want, and make sure it matches your overall aesthetic!


Most drum rugs will have a velcro strap attached, which works to secure the rug once it has been rolled up. This way, it is a lot easier to carry around or store away.

But on top of this, we recommend you find a drum rug with its own carry case, as it will be better protected and be all the more portable. 

Best Drum Rugs - FAQ's

How large should your drum rug be?

Your drum rug should be the exact right size to comfortably accommodate your usual drum setup. It needs to be big enough that you aren’t having to cram everything in together.

However, it’s important that you don’t just go too big, because most places will only provide a small area for gig stages, and so you won’t have a lot of space for your drums.

If the rug is too big, you will end up folding it in half or on the edges, and this will lead to it not being flat, causing your setup to be unstable in places.

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