7 Cheap Drum Sets

So you’re thinking of learning the drums! The feeling of power over your music will be amazing, and you can’t wait to start! The trouble is drums are expensive.

Being a beginner you don’t want to fork out a ton of cash when you’re just beginning to love this hobby. Still buying a cheap drum set could be a waste of money if the sound is as cheap as the price.

Buying the wrong set of drums could put you off playing at all, leaving your dreams of music making on the music sheet. But don’t worry, because we have made the search easy for you!

We have found 7 cheap drum sets that haven’t lowered the quality of sound. Along the way, we will teach you what makes a drum set good, so when you’re ready to purchase something that matches your growing talents, you have the knowledge to pick wisely!

What is the Difference between Kid size and Adult size Drum sets?

When people talk about kids and adult drum set sizes, what they are actually talking about is height.

If you or the person you are buying for is 5ft or taller, then you should buy an adult size drum set, no matter what your age is. This is because the drum sets won’t be able to lower themselves to a smaller height.

If you’re under 5ft, child or not, we would recommend buying a kids’ size so the proportions of your drum set fit you properly. The drum kit will be just as good, as this isn’t about quality but size.

If you’re buying for someone under 2.5ft then you probably shouldn’t get them a drum set at all. Instead, opt for a toy set, or if they are desperate for an actual instrument, get them a snare drum.

Now you know that ages really mean heights, we can start looking at the drum sets! We’ve gathered 7 sets for you to look at, 3 of which are kids sized. Drum roll, please!


Best Choice Products Kids Drum Set 3-Piece Beginner Drum Set Junior Drum Set, w/Throne Stool, Cymbal, Drum Sticks, Bass Drum Pedal, 2 Toms - Blue

Best Choice Products is a brand name, but don’t let their boasting put you off. We have two BCP brands in this collection, but this one is the cheapest as it only has three pieces.

It is also the cheapest of all seven products! A three piece drum set has a bass drum (the big one), two toms in different sizes (the smaller ones), and a cymbal. These are the basic drums in a drum set which is why it’s the cheapest.

When you’re looking for a good drum, you don’t want it to be made out of plastic. A wooden drum shell creates a  warm dynamic tone. Whereas a plastic drum would just sound hollow and cheap.

We might be looking for cheap drums, but not cheap sound! You also want a high gloss finish, as it protects the drum for longer and makes it easier for you to clean it. 

Because these drum sets aren’t toys, you shouldn’t expect an easy build! All the drums in this list will have screws and adjustments to better fit the drummer. We haven’t counted it as a “con” as all the drums will have the same problem, but be aware all the same.

Customers have commented saying this  BCP drum set was grown out of quickly, but for the price, it would still be worth the experience!


  • Aimed at kids ages 3 and up
  • Made of Wood, not plastic 
  • High Gloss finish
  • Cheapest on our list


  • Customers have complained that their 4 year old children have grown out of it.


Music Alley 3 Piece Kids Drum Set with Throne, Cymbal, Pedal & Drumsticks, Metallic Black, (DBJK02-BK)

The Music Alley is another 3 piece drum set and only a notch more expensive than the Best Choice Products 3 Piece. That extra money is for the ability to adjust the drum set.

The Music Alley says the drum set is aimed at 3 to 8 year olds, but as we talked about before this age range has more to do with height.

If you’re 5 ft or under, then this would be a great sized drum set for you! The second cheapest on our list, this drum set comes in three different colors; red, blue, and black!

Customers have commented saying that the cymbal easily falls off its stand. This could be because it wasn’t screwed on tight enough, but with enough customers saying the same thing we couldn’t ignore that the cymbal might be a little too flimsy. 


  • Aimed at kids ages 3 - 8 
  • Made of Wood, not plastic
  • High Gloss Finish
  • 3 different colors to choose from
  • Adjustable Height


  • Poor Quality Cymbal 


Mendini By Cecilio Kids Drum Set - Starter Drums Kit with Bass, Toms, Snare, Cymbal, Hi-Hat, Drumsticks & Seat - Musical Instruments Beginner Sets, Dark Red Drum Set

This is the most expensive drum set we have for kids, with a price that matches the adult sizes! This is also the only 5 piece set for the child sizes that we have on our list.

A 5 piece set is considered to be an “all-in-one” drum set, containing a bass drum (the big one), a snare drum (the flatter one), and three toms (the deeper ones) giving high, medium, and low sounds. There is also a hi-hat and a cymbal.

The hi-hat and cymbal don’t count towards the “5-piece” name as that refers to the number of drums!

As this list was made to help you find the cheapest drum sets, the larger price tag might put you off. But as it’s a 5 piece set and isn’t made out of plastic, the sound and range are worth the price, and it is still much cheaper than top brand names.


  • Aimed at kids ages 5-13 
  • Made of Wood, not plastic
  • High Gloss Finish
  • 5 piece with hi-hat and cymbal
  • Durable


  • Most expensive on the kids’ list.


Best Choice Products 5-Piece Full Size Complete Adult Drum Set w/Cymbal Stands, Stool, Drum Pedal, Sticks, Floor Tom (Black)

Now onto the adult sizes, and we start the list with a brand name we have already seen! Best Choice Products! This time we look at the adult sized, 5 piece.

This product is the cheapest of the adult range and is also cheaper than the Mendini By Cecilio Kid size! Not only is it super cheap but you can pay in interest free installments if you would rather pay monthly.

But let’s get into the quality of the drum kit! The solid wood material means you will be playing with a deep and warm sound.

However, some customers have complained that the skins feel a little weak, but that’s to be expected with cheaper priced drum kits. The skin is the film that covers the drum. A strong skin means it will last longer.


  • Cheapest adult drum set
  • Made of wood, not plastic
  • 5 piece with hi-hat and cymbal


  • Weak skins


Drum Set Eastar 22 inch for Adults, 5 Piece Full Size Drum Kit Junior Beginner with Pedal Cymbals Stands Stool and Sticks, Metallic Silver

The Easter is just a touch more expensive than the Best Choice Products for Adults, but it comes with a lot more adjustability. Having adjustable angles means you can position the drums in a way that feels more natural to you, making playing feel smoother.

The drum set is adjustable in more than one way too, as it is available in two colors, Mirror Black and Metallic Silves. These colors have a classic rockstar energy for the drummer in you.

Eastar has paid particular attention to the skins on their drums, using an 8 drum lug structure which essentially means that the tension is larger making the vibrations of the skin clearer.

Don’t be shocked if the skins arrive with wrinkles, as the wrinkles will fade once they are attached to the drums!


  • Matte Skins
  • 8 Drum Lug Structure
  • Wooden
  • 5 piece with hi-hat and symbol


  • You have to put the skin on yourself


Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit - Electric Drum Set with USB MIDI Connectivity, Mesh Drum Pads, Kick Pedal and Rubber Kick Drum, 40 Kits and 385 Sounds

The Alesis is the only drum set in our list which is electronic. It is rare to find an electronic drum set that is both cheap and good, but we have found it for you.

Not only does it have a great sound quality, but it is also adjustable to adult and child sizes, making it the most adjustable drum set on our list!

Because it is electronic it has a lot more options available with it! The Alesis drum kit comes with 350 realistic sound sources and you can access them using a controller that comes with the product. It is easy to operate, and you can change sounds as you play! 

Along with all of these sounds, the control allows you to record your drumming in real time, and it already has 60 built in songs waiting for you to try out!

And don’t forget, being an electronic drum set means you can put your headphones in, so whoever else is in your house can only hear the dull pat of your drum sticks hitting the pads!


  • Can plug in headphones
  • Record as you play
  • 160 songs already ready
  • Can be used by adults and children


  • The most expensive drum set on our list.


Ludwig Accent Drive 5-Pc Drum Set, Red Sparkle - Includes: Hardware, Throne, Pedal, Cymbals, Sticks & Drumheads

The Ludwig is the most expensive acoustic drum set on our collection, but still at a reasonable price. Packed with a bass drum, two toms, a floor tom, and a snare drum, the Ludwig gives you a solid foundation and is made with quality wooden material.

Despite its higher price tag customers have complained that the cymbals are not up to the quality that they should be. 

At the higher end of our list, you would expect this drum set to have a bigger difference in quality, but apart from being more long lasting, there isn’t much difference between them all. 


  • Good Quality Wood
  • Long lasting materials 
  • 5 piece with hi-hat and cymbals


  • Cymbals are not of great quality.

What size do I need for a good drum set?

As we’ve said before, the size of drum sets is the same all across the board. If you are 5 ft or taller, then you want an adult size otherwise pick up a child size drum set.

What matters more is your drum set up; make sure everything is in easy reach. If you are stretching or standing to reach the cymbals, then it will affect your posture in the long run. Bad posture means eventual back pain.

7 Cheap Drum Sets

How do I tune my drums?

If you tune your drums incorrectly, the sound will be terrible and might make you think you’ve bought a faulty set! When you screw the tension rod which holds the skin over the drum, make sure it is evenly tight over the whole drum, otherwise, the sound will come out distorted. 

Using a drum key tighten the tension rod by 1 turn. Do this with each tension rod to keep the skin evenly tight across the drum. Tap the drum skin and loosen or tighten the rods evenly until you get the sound you're aiming for. 

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