Gammon Drum Set Review

When it comes to purchasing a drum set, if you are a beginner, it can be difficult to know where to start. There are so many drum kits available to purchase, some of which are more expensive than others.

When you are first starting out and testing the waters, it is unlikely that you will want to spend a fortune on your first drum set. This is completely understandable. However, while there are many budget options available to purchase, many do lack somewhat in quality.

Given this, when you purchase your first drum set, you will want to choose an option that is both reasonably priced and of good quality. After all, you do not want it to break easily. 

If you are unsure of which option to choose, then look no further. The Gammon Drum sets are an incredible option that are good value for the money and are well-made too. 

In this article we will be reviewing the full size and Junior drum set to provide you with a good overview of what they are like.  



When looking at the price of the Gammon Drum Set, it is one of the cheapest options on the market. This is why it is a fantastic option if you are looking for a starter drum set on a budget. 


This is a full-sized drum set that would be best suited for those that are over 5 foot in height. Its full dimensions are 30.31 x 24.02 x 22.05 inches. This is a good size for a full-sized drum set. 


The drum set is available in two different colors, black and blue, and it is a five-piece drum set. It includes all the kit you will need to learn how to drum, such as:

  • Bass Drum (22 x 14 inches)
  • Snare (16 x 16 inches)
  • Floor Tom (12 x 10 inches)
  • Mounted Toms (13 x 10 inches) - tilt memory locks can be adjusted
  • 2 x Hi-Hat cymbals (12 inches)
  • Crash/Ride cymbal (14 inches)
  • Drum Pedal (chain driven)

In addition to this, the set also comes with many accessories, such mutes, a stool, and drumsticks, so that you can get started straight away. 


When purchasing a drum kit, its quality is paramount. You want the kit to last for a good number of years before breaking. The Gammon Drum Set is particularly great quality, and it is made using high quality materials. 

The kit has a gloss finish, chrome rims, and the shells are made using real wood, which is an important feature to have. The materials used are sturdy and can withstand hard drum hits, which is important. 

The accessories are of good quality too, though some users have noted some issues with the stool becoming slightly worn over time, though this is to be expected.

In addition to this, the drum plays well. It has a great sound and good cymbal rebound. It has been approved by many drum teachers, which emphasizes how great this drum set is. 

The mutes work well and allows you to play the kit without worrying that it will be too loud. 


This drum kit does not arrive fully assembled, and you will have to put the parts together yourself. Given this, it is important that the assembly is easy. 

You should run into no issues assembling this kit as the instructions are easy to follow and the parts will slot into place fairly easily. 



In the same vein as the full sized kit, the junior kit is great value for the money. It is not too expensive, and it would be a fantastic option for children that are interested in drumming for the first time.


As this is a junior drum set, it is not suitable for adults and children who are over 5 foot in height. Its full dimensions are 24.2 x 19.7 x 19.4 inches, which is a fairly standard size for a junior drum set. 


Like the full-sized kit, the junior set is available in both black and blue. It comes with all the accessories listed above and has the same amount of kit too, though the sizing of the kit is slightly smaller, and the bass drum is only 16 inches in size. 

As this kit contains everything that you will need, the user can begin learning right away!


As the Gammon Drum set is a smaller version of the full set, it is made with equally good quality materials. It also features a high gloss finish and has chrome rims. The shells are made of wood and overall it can withstand a lot of use, which is needed. 

The sound provided is fantastic, and this set is recommended by teachers. The mutes will help to keep the sound to a minimum while practicing too, which is useful.


Again, the Junior Set is fairly easy to set up and install. As it is smaller than the full sized kit, it will likely take less time to do so. The pieces all connect well, and the instructions are easy to follow. 

Pros And Cons For Both Kits:


  • Value for the money - The kits are fantastic value for the money, especially for beginners.
  • Quality of the materials - Even though these less expensive kits, the quality of the materials is very high, and they are both built to last.
  • Accessories included - Both kits come with all the accessories and parts needed to begin your drumming journey straight away.
  • Great overall sound - While these less expensive kits, the sound is still impressive and is not lacking in any way.


  • Quality of the stool - Some users have noted that the quality of the stool can deteriorate over time

Gammon Drum Set Review


To conclude, if you are looking for a beginner’s drum kit for your or a child, we would highly recommend these two sets by Gammon. They are fantastic value for the money, provide a great sound overall, and come will all the equipment you will need. 

Given that the assembly is easy, and the materials are sturdy, you will not have to worry about these kits breaking easily.

Starting your drumming journey does not need to be overly expensive and with these kits you can get started straight away. With two colors to choose from, and the kits being recommended by drumming teachers, they are a great place to start. 

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