How Much Does a Drum Set Cost on Average?

Drums are a fantastic choice of instrument to learn to play, they are used in almost every single genre of music, are super versatile and very fun. Not to mention great if you need a distraction from some stress and need to bash out the angst. 

But how much does a drum kit cost on average? Well, drum sets can cost anywhere from $300 to $1,000 on average. There are various factors that will determine the price, some of these will be on the quality of the shells, the hardware inclusion, any custom-builds, and if they are hand made.

It can also affect the cost if there are different tiers of quality within the brand that you buy, as well as the number of shells too. 

For beginners, used instruments, and pre-owned kits are often a nice and cheap way to enter into the world of drumming. 

How Much Does a Drum Set Cost on Average

Are you ready to be a drummer?

So, you are thinking about buying a drum kit? Tired of tapping your hands rhythmically on your thighs, or humming a tune and tapping a pencil on the table in sync, then maybe it is time to go out and buy yourself a drum kit. 

It is not an easy road though, like any musical instrument you can't just pick up the sticks and be Dave Grohl, but practice makes perfect.

Drums are on par with guitars in how difficult they are to learn and become a pro at, so if you aren’t feeling like you can really dedicate yourself and push yourself to reach your goals, maybe just pick up a flute or a recorder. 

However, if you can nail it, get past the harder learning stages, you can become awesome! Being a drummer can be the best decision you ever made.

Rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, ballads, orchestra, metal… whatever genre you want, you could be anything. You could be the next Ringo Starr, or Phil Collins. If you are in it for the metal, maybe you could be the next Mike Portnoy, the opportunities are endless, go chase that dream! 

Ah, you are still here? Guess that means you’re serious. Well, let’s take the time and talk about drum set costs. There are plenty of different price points, you could look at practice pad kits, or junior drum kits, all the way up to intermediate level, professional, electronic kits.

And more. So, we are here with you today to give you the best idea we possibly can of what your wallet should be expecting when you go to invest in a drum kit.  

What is the average cost of a Junior drum kit?

If you are starting up, a junior drum kit can be a fantastic place to start off, and they can range in price too, so they can often be fairly wallet friendly. They can be extremely cheap, from under $100 kind of cheap, to being $250 and more.

So if you are not really 100% sure if you want to play the drums then you can throw down a cheap $100 or less and get an ultra cheap it and give it a go. This is the ideal choice for someone who is uncertain, because it means that you are not making any large financial commitment.

However, if you are really unsure you could always try out a practice drum pad and see how you feel about drumming on something that isn’t yourself or a table. 

If you want to get a kit for your kid, something that will help them start up if they have shown interest in getting a drum kit, then we recommend the Mendini by Cecilio. It is perfect for kids and juniors, available on Amazon.

It’s a 16”, 5 pieces, in bright metallic red, it has an adjustable throne, cymbals, pedal and drumsticks, for less than $200.

It's an absolute gem for starters, and helps you get the feel of a real kit. What are the costs of an intermediate and pro drum kit?

When you are ready to go beyond the basic starter kit and move onward towards something that you can perform, or even record with (if you are feeling ambitious enough). Seek out a professional drum kit.

You might just be the kind of person who slams out some tunes at a backyard barbecue, or be the drum-lord at the local Sunday mass, or even a touring pro, or maybe you just like playing in the sanctity of your own home. It is always a great decision to level up your kit when you feel ready. 

For some standard pro-level drum kits you will get an 18” to 22” kick drum, a 14” to 18” floor tom, perhaps one or two mounted toms which can be anywhere between 10” to 14” in size, as well as a 12” snare drum.

You will also get a hi-hat, a crash, and a ride cymbal. These are all pretty much standard on a majority of intermediate or professional level kits. 

One of the things that are adored about being a drummer is that your kit can be as unique as you are.

You could have a minimalist kit, keeping things simple, keeping it down to three or four pieces, which is super easy for the travelling drummer. Or you could go big, get a kit the size of Burma. It is all up to you. 

Whichever option you choose to go with, you can expect to spend anywhere between $500 to $850 on an entry level pro kit. At this point of price you should feel more comfortable playing at more professional gigs, such as weekend setups, church services, or medium-sized venues.

If you want to get on the road or do some serious recording, you may want to consider investing up to $1,500 on a more professional level drum kit. 

There are some big brands you may want to look at such as Tama and Pearl, DW, Sonor, and Ludwig as well, if you want to check out the range of kits they have at a professional level.

However, regardless of the kit that you choose, you will want to upgrade your cymbals and hardware as you go. Generally standard hardware is functional, but the essential part of any kit is the ability to be customizable. 

We are sure you are wondering if drum hardware is pricey. Well, it is and it isn’t. It kind of depends on you, as the requirements you have will be as unique as the music you play, you will need reliability in your kit though.

You will likely see some hardware ranging between $50 to $100 and more, it depends on the individual equipment and your specific needs. 

The price of a quality electronic drum kit 

Not everyone has the ability to be loud and play loud, for this reason you can invest in an electronic drum set. This way if you live in a flat or need to be quiet, you can get used to the feel of the cymbals over time, and you will certainly find that it can do just as well as any standard kit. 

You could always get an entry level V-Drum kit for around a $500 marker, however, a more professional level electronic kit could cost you upward of $1,500. But remember that not all kits are created equal and so you should be mindful when shopping for one, even an electronic one. 

Electronic kits have the advantages of lower volume as well as having a plethora of authentic samples and kits that you can choose from. The sensor technology is getting better all the time, so that is something to be excited about! 

You could always pick up an electronic drum pad, as they are very similar in that they will play electronic sounds as well as an internalized drum module, they can use hi-hat and kick pedals too. The price ranges for these are wide though, ranging from $250 to $800. 

Are there any alternatives to drum sets?

If you do not want something that will take up all your space, then you can always get inventive and try out something called the Aerodrome air drumming system.

It is exactly what it sounds like, it is basically a motion capture system that will let you drum your heart out without hitting anything except the air. 

If you are a professional drummer this could be a bit hard, and you may need to adjust your style, but for beginners this can be a fantastic way to turn leg tapping into music.

It is less than $200 in cost, and it is worth giving it a go. It can help you to learn if you want to get a real drum kit but are a bit skeptical. 

What we are saying overall here, is that no matter your budget you can always find a drum kit that will suit you.